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Who are we?

The Village Staff have been involved in many World of Darkness games, some of which date back to when we were teenagers. I'm sure we can all imagine how well those went. Cringing comes hand in hand with a lot of those memories.

Across more than a decade we've been involved in creating a lot of WoD (now CoD) settings, not always or even often successfully. A few years back we briefly ran a different game set in Salem, which collapsed after a series of pretty humiliating errors; some were made by Staff, some were made by those Staff opted to trust. After the immense and rather public mortification brought on by this last effort, we opted to close down and move away from the community - not out of disdain for it, but because it was difficult to see a way back out of the hole we'd created.

It's since been a few years, and we've to come together and try again. We're hoping to create something worthwhile using the valuable - and at times painful - lessons we've learned from failure.

Why Salem?

There's just something about the history that attracted us to the area. A lot of Chronicles fluff tends to hone in upon a grain of truth from real life events, then weave a fictional context around it to create something dark and in theme. In so far as "settings with histories that could be explained by supernatural influences" go, Salem is so rife with fuel it's almost cheating. It's a smallish town to use for CoD, however, particularly where Vampire: The Requiem is concerned. That's where Boston as an attache came in; to fill in the urban backdrop needed for a Kindred Court. As time goes on and the urge to build inevitably sets in, we hope to populate a considerable swathe of the Northeast, focusing on Massachusetts.

Why a sandbox?

Of all the styles of MUSH out there, games with less Staff oversight and more natural, spontaneous flow have always been our favorites. Our first experiences with text-based roleplay came in the form of a Godwars-gone-RPI, and I suspect that place - for all its many flaws - set the baseline for our preferences. A common question has been, "Why not just run an RPI MUD, then?", and our answers are pretty straightforward: In our experience the MUSH community is more vibrant, softcode is more flexible, and games that outright ban players from interacting with each other OOCly have a habit of breeding dysfunction.

At the end of the day, we want the MUSH to function whether or not a Staffer is sick, taking a break, or otherwise just not feeling it at the moment. We have immense admiration for games that run on tabletop-esque organization, getting people together for pre-planned scenes, and exploring structured plot arcs, it's just not what we're trying to achieve here. We're hoping that others with similar tastes might get that itch scratched by giving us a try.


Please feel welcome contacting the game owner with questions, issues, or feedback.