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  • Probably our favorite, MUSHClient is robust, heavily documented, and clean. Supports triggers, aliases, macros, timers, lua scripting, and much more.
  • A very robust client, CMud is the only one on the list that isn't freeware. Supports everything MUSHclient does with some added features.
  • SimpleMU is a simple, still very usable client with a good amount of popularity. Supports most things MUSHclient does.
  • Short of telnet, GMUD is about as barebones as a client can get. It's easy to set up and easy to use.


  • TinTin actually runs not just on Linux, but Android and Windows too.


  • The only client we're aware of for Mac is Atlantis, which is a very pretty, solid set-up for MUDding or MUSHing.


  • MUDding/MUSHing from phones can be a little challenging, but Blowtorch takes a lot of the irk out of it. Supports buttons and has lots of features.
  • Mukluk is to Android what GMUD is to Windows; barebones, easy to use, and scant on the bells and whistles.


  • MUDRammer appears to be a popular client for MUDding/MUSHing from iPhones.