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Not all policies are listed here, only the most immediately relevant to gameplay. Please check +news in-game for a comprehensive list of all The Village's policies.




See: +news MUSH Rules

The Village is a roleplaying-enforced game. OOC communication involves interactions with Staff, the +question channel, pages, +ooc/osay, and the +public channel. Uses of the pose, @emit, say, or other in-character command to transmit out of character information tends to be immersion-breaking, and as such is discouraged by game policy.

OOC vs. IC Information

Distributing IC information OOC is discouraged. If your character is a vampire, please do not announce that OOCly. We tend to feel that mystery and paranoia are vital to an authentic CoD experience; knowing everything about everyone OOC can dampen the thrill of uncertainty and discovery.


Some players are accustomed to conducting game-related business over pages, Discord, Skype, or other IM services, rather than roleplaying their character development. This is detriment to the game's overall roleplaying environment. Please keep all character development inside the game, and strictly IC.


The Village is a non-consent game, meaning that things can happen to characters without the OOC permission of their players. There are upsides and downsides to both consent and non-consent, but non-consent is the structure we've chosen; it best suits the the environment we want to cultivate.

Pose Style

Note: These aren't "rules" so much as documentation of cultural norms.
A common question when joining a new MUSH is "What style of roleplay is it?". Players are expected to put in the effort of writing at least a couple sentences per pose. In addition to putting in this minimal effort, thoughts and other things that would not be detectable in-character shouldn't be written into poses. Lastly, poses on The Village are in third person. Beyond this, there is a lot of variation from player to player, and that's okay!

Graphic Themes

There are no banned in-character themes or topics on The Village beyond rape scenarios. We expect our playerbase to be capable of separating their real life feelings from their character's, and to handle difficult in-character subject matter with maturity.

Similarly, graphic roleplay is not a matter that The Village policy concerns itself with. The Staff are not authorized to dictate what is and is not an acceptable use of language or subject matter. Players are expected to be the caretakers of their own feelings, and to express their inability to continue if they find themselves in the position of needing to to the other player(s) involved. Likewise, players who have been notified that the language or subject matter has crossed into the realm of "too much" should accommodate by Fading to Black and settling the scene with a summary. Staff are authorized to interfere when a player has invoked their right to Fade to Black and been refused or ignored by the other player(s).

In the case of rape roleplay, it isn't that rape doesn't happen in Chronicles of Darkness, it's that it isn't a topic we want our players to be confronted with on a game that is, by design, non-consent. Please do not generate roleplay involving rape or circling around rape scenarios.

To afford our playerbase as much clarity as we can provide overall: The Village is not a safe space. Please be the judge of what you can handle and take good care of yourself.


We maintain no specific policies around our adult players choosing to roleplay sex or sexual themes. Frankly, even if we did object, there is no realistic or sane way for a roleplay MUSH Staff to enforce a "no sex" rule. At the end of the day, getting up in arms about sexual themes while openly facilitating violence has an air of strangeness that we're not prepared to embrace. Do what you will, and be mindful of those who invoke their right to "Fade to Black."


See: +news Harassment

The Village maintains a no-tolerance policy on out of character harassment. If you have any interest in playing here, do not give Staff reason to believe you are harassing another player. When we receive a report of harassment with substantiating evidence, Staff will opt to be safe rather than sorry. Attempts to punish the reporting party by wielding influence over friends that are still able to play will be viewed dimly, and may result in these friends finding themselves equally uninvited to log in.

The definition of harassment is much like pornography, in that it is difficult to define but we "know it when see it." We will not outline specific, set in stone instances and violations, as these types of rules are notoriously vulnerable to loopholes. Instead, we will simply advise our players to treat others with kindness and respect out of character; no one who is kind and respectful runs the risk of harassing others.

Player Conflicts

Conflict is celebrated so long as it remains in-character. When a rivalry or hatred extends beyond the artificial roleplaying world into the real world, it is no longer welcome. Hostility which spills out of the in-character world into the out of character world is taken seriously on The Village, and often leaves the Staff with little choice but to remove the player who cannot separate themselves from their character. If a player cannot separate IC from OOC, they likely do not belong here.


See: +news Staff Rules


When available to field questions or requests from players, please flag yourself as such with the +staff/duty toggle. By flagging yourself 'on duty,' it means you are in your window and paying attention. If you intend to go IAW or do something else for awhile, please flag yourself 'off duty' first, so players will know that your responses will be delayed.

Staff Alts

Staff are welcome (and encouraged!) to play characters, so long as they don't advertise to the playerbase who their alts are. Staff alts cannot hold primary leadership positions or be at the forefront of Staff-generated plotlines. Primary leadership positions are defined as the Crowned Monarchs of Freeholds, Princes of Kindred Courts, so on and so forth. Chronicles of Darkness being what it is, it's entirely feasible to have an enriching roleplay experience without being the star or ruling the IC roost. Generating plot around yourself as your character is completely fine, but if the plot comes from a Staff member your alt's participation must be limited to support. If it's your Staff account running the plot, your alts cannot participate even peripherally.

Staff may not handle their alts' +jobs or process their alts' recommendations. If it's something only Staff can do, don't do it for your alts.


The Staff of the Village are not permitted to spy or eavesdrop on the playerbase. Don't code objects that allow you to spy from afar, don't lurk on the grid dark flagged, don't join rooms with ongoing roleplay. If your Staff account isn't actively working on something on the In-Character grid, please stay off of it altogether.