Colonial Features

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Colonial Features

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I finally got this helpfile in today, so figured I'd post!


The galaxy is home to multiple colonies that have developed across the centuries into individual cultures and "races." Each of these places have features more common there than in others, making it fairly simple to tell at a glance the ancestry of most people. This is not a set in stone rule, however - there are plenty of people who don't fit into their homeworld's stereotypical image.

The above in mind, these are the stereotypical features belonging to each colony or world:

Terrans: There is no race in the galaxy as difficult to summarize as the Terrans, which can in and of itself be a fair way of spotting one. The Terrans represent the planet Earth's melting pot, boasting an incredibly wide array of features, skin colors, eye colors, shapes, and sizes. People who have features that can't be easily pinpointed tend to be assumed to be Terran, whether or not they are.

Martians: Dark to middling brown skin-tones and a tendency toward hazel or brown eye colors, Martians tend to be tall, sturdy, and possess a fierce metabolism that keeps their bodies uncannily toned. The survivability of Martians has long depended on increased levels of melanin, which has resulted in deeper and darker complexions emerging over time. Though there are many with truly dark skin, some simply have the appearance of a tan. Martians tend to possess light hair colors, ranging through various shades of blonde.

Saturnis: A station-bound race that has lived for generations under the gentle glow of artificial lights and fields of carefully balanced gravity, the Saturni are exceptionally pale, fine-boned, and possess unusually large pupils that have the appearance of being swollen. Their hair colors range from colorless platinum blondes through very light browns, though strains of faint, gingery red are not unheard of. Almost all Saturnis have curly or wavy hair.

Jovians: Dark eye colors with dark to light brown hair, long and slender noses with oval faces; the Jovian features tend to be distinct, sharp, and obvious. Like their Saturni cousins, their skin-tones tend toward the very pale due to their station containment, although the technology behind the Krondstadt has resulted in fewer "mutations" than the Saturnis overall. The men are especially noted for their ability to grow dense, thick facial hair.

Venusians: Native Venusians tend toward light to middling complexions with a majority leaning closer to light. Eyes a shade other than brown - though in many, many shades and intensities - are almost unheard of, as are hair colors other than black or very dark brunette. Venusian hair is straight with few to no exceptions. They are a delicately built but tall people who, due to the climate controlled dome in which they live, tend to struggle in cold climates.
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