Teachinng Firearms

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Teachinng Firearms

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So... I kinda live in a country where firearms as a whole aren't really feasible to attain. And beyond grip and breathing/trigger patterns as well as base maintenance I always seem to struggle a lot with teaching the skill, as the best method seems to be to teach by firing at a shooting range.

There is simply a disparity between 'what I, as someone from a weapon restricting country' thinks it works and how it (probably) really is. So are there ideas on how to properly teach that stuff?
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Re: Teachinng Firearms

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A few important topics to cover are weapon maintenance, weapon safety and then getting into some of the specifics of the specifications of the weapons being used. Consider maximum effective range, which with an M16A2 is 300 meters. Consider teaching about the selector switch, how to dismantle a specific weapon to clean it. Make sure to remind not to lose the firing pin, as it is a small piece that while us not necessarily necessary for the weapon to appear to be properly reassembled, it is easy to lose and the weapon cannot fire without it. Consider teaching not to touch the trigger until you actively intend to shoot and kill whatever is on the other side of the barrel. Also consider teaching to be very, very mindful about where the barrel of the weapon is pointed, and to always assume the weapon is loaded, and ready to fire at any moments notice. There is more to teach than just the process of how you send a round down range. There is a lot more here.
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