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Describing People

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From the helpfile HELP VISUAL PEOPLE, by request, as a guide for our visually impaired players:

* Oval - Face gradually tapers toward chin, wide forehead, prominent cheekbones.
* Long - Face gradually tapers toward chin, elongated features from forehead to chin, prominent chin.
* Round - Face width and length almost the same, widest at the cheeks.
* Square - Forehead, cheekbones, and jawline almost the same width, boxy jawline a prominent feature.
* Heart - Face strongly tapers toward chin, chin is slightly pointed, forehead a prominent feature.
* Diamond - Face highly angular and somewhat bony, widest at temples.
* Triangular - Jawline measures greater than cheekbones, also greater than forehead.

* Round - Large, prominent, circular, cornea surrounded by white all the way around, inner and outer corners rounded and not pulled inward or outward.
* Monolid - Eyelid is not visible, slides completely under the brow when eye is open.
* Hooded - Upper lids completely overlapping the lower lid, creating the appearance of no eye crease.
* Downturned - Upper lid dips to meet the lower lash line.
* Upturned - Outer corners turn upward and are higher than the inner corner.
* Almond - Smaller eyelids, wider than they are round, tapers to point by tear duct and outer eye.

* Wide Set - Eyes more than one eye-width apart.
* Hooded - Hooded eyelids, creating the appearance of small, squinty eyes due to hidden or less visible crease.
* Close Set - More space between the temples and outer eye corners than between the eyes.
* Deep set - The eyes are set far back in the skull, creating a prominent brow bone.
* Protruding - Very round, wide, and appear further out from the skull.

* Fleshy - Often bulbous, long, protruding. Can be petite as long as it has more of a fatty appearance than a bony one.
* Turned Up - Relatively small nose with a dent at the middle of the bridge and a protruding tip.
* Roman - Sloping curve that prominently protrudes from the face. Exaggerated bridge often has a slight bend or curve.
* Bumpy - A bumpy outline with either a subtle or prominent curve in the dip.
* Snub - Distinctively thin and pointed, features a smaller, slightly rounder silhouette with a subtle upward slope at the tip.
* Hawk - Marked by a dramatic curved shape and prominent bridge, also known as aquiline.
* Greek - Remarkably straight bridge free of humps or curves.
* Nubian - Longer bridge with a wide base.
* East Asian - Slim, flat shape with a shorter tip.
* Nixon - Prominent with a straight bridge, curving at the end with a wider tip.
* Bulbous - Rounded, curved tip, protruding outward to create a bulbous, circular silhouette at the bottom.
* Combo - Takes components from various different nose shapes to create a unique silhouette.

* Full - Voluptuous and all-around pillowy, though sometimes shapeless.
* Heavy Upper - Upper lip is larger than the bottom.
* Wide - Lips that stretch nearly from cheek to cheek.
* Round - Nearly the same width and height complete with rounded edges.
* Heavy Lower - Bottom lip is larger than the upper lip.
* Thin - Both lips are thin and unfilled.
* Bow-Shaped - Full in size, upper lip resembling a bow.
* Heart-Shaped - Curving as if to form a heart, bow shaped upper and rounded lower.
* Downward-Turned - TUrns slightly downward at their corners, resembling a frown or pout.

* High - Gives the appearance of a broad forehead, as the hairline is higher up on the head.
* Low - Sits low on the forehead, making the forehead look smaller than normal.
* Middle - Standard gap between forehead and brows.
* Widow's Peak - V-shaped hairline, lends to a heart-shaped face.
* Uneven - Zigzag pattern, sometimes like a W. More hair on one side than the other.
* Cowlick - Small portions of hair growing in different directions from the hair around them.
* Receding - Can encompass many different hairlines, though steadily thinning.
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