Xterm Color Code Chart by Heylenne

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Xterm Color Code Chart by Heylenne

Post by Niamh »

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Re: Xterm Color Code Chart by Heylenne

Post by Niamh »

Got started on this by request of some our vision impaired folks. Not done, but figured I'd post what I have so far:

Greens and Blues

aba - deep green, very dark
aca - forest green, dark but more visible than deep green
ada - strong green, a midway between bright/dark
aea - light green, a bright pure green
afa - lime green, a very bright green
bba - fiji green, a very brownish green
bca - olive drab, a brownish green
bda - chartreuse
bea - bright green
bfa - luminous pistachio, a very bright vivid green
aab - navy blue
abb - dusky turquoise
aac - dark blue
abc - lagoon blue
acc - cerulean blue
aad - midnight blue
abd - denim blue
acd - muted cerulean blue
add - iris blue, a slightly lighter turquoise
bbd - rich blue, a mid-range lavender blue
bcd - air force blue, a grayish-tinged medium blue
bdd - fountain blue, a turquoise-gray tinged blue
aae - bold medium blue
abe - light navy blue
ace - pacific blue
ade - light iris blue
aee - dark turquoise
afe - bright turquoise
bed - medium aquamarine
bfd - aquamarine
bbe - slate blue
bce - havelock blue, a middling-light soft blue
bde - malibu blue, a soft slightly gray-tinged blue
bee - turquoise blue
aaf - blue
abf - light bold blue
acf - dodger blue, lighter than light bold blue
adf - deep sky blue
aef - light sky blue
aff - aqua blue
bbf - neon blue
bcf - cornflower blue
bdf - maya blue, a light soft blue
bef - soft turquoise blue
bff - baby blue
bfe - pastel aquamarine
acb - rain forest, a murky darkish green
adb - jade, a midway between bright/dark
aeb - malachite, a soft light green
afb - spring green
bcb - hippie green, a murky olive-like green
bdb - fern green, a light but not bright green
beb - pastel green, a shade lighter than fern
bfb - screamin' green, a very vivid and bright green
adc - persian green, muted but rich pastel green
aec - caribbean green, light but rich pastel green
afc - pastel spring green
bcc - half baked, a murky mostly gray green
bdc - silver tree green, a pastel midway green
bec - emerald green, a light, clear green
bfc - vivid lime green, a very bright light green
aed - light caribbean green, lighter rich pastel green
afd - medium spring green
cda - citrus green
cea - lawn green
cfa - bright chartreuse
dea - inch worm green, a swampy light green
dfa - spring bud green, very bright slightly yellowish green
cbd - cucumber, slightly murky medium-light green

Reds and Purples
baa - blood red, a very dark, blackish red
caa - dark red
cab - eggplant
bab - palatinate purple, a lush midway purple
bbb - lavender gray, really just a plain gray
bac - indigo purple, dusky like plum but brighter
bbc - comet purple, a light grayish-purple
bad - light indigo purple, like indigo but brighter
bae - electric indigo purple
baf - bright electric indigo purple
cbb - mauve, a medium-light woodsy purple

Browns and Oranges
cba - dark golden brown
dba - medium golden brown
dca - dark goldenrod
dda - citrus brown, a yellowish brown
cca - olive brown
ccb - bandicoot, medium-light grayish brown



aaa - pure black, invisible on most clients
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Re: Xterm Color Code Chart by Heylenne

Post by Stargazer »

That won't help much, since Niamh's handmade descriptions are much more detailed, but here's the list of official xterm color names, automagically grabbed from https://jonasjacek.github.io/colors/

Code: Select all

aaa Grey0
aab NavyBlue
aac DarkBlue
aad Blue3
aae Blue3
aaf Blue1
aba DarkGreen
abb DeepSkyBlue4
abc DeepSkyBlue4
abd DeepSkyBlue4
abe DodgerBlue3
abf DodgerBlue2
aca Green4
acb SpringGreen4
acc Turquoise4
acd DeepSkyBlue3
ace DeepSkyBlue3
acf DodgerBlue1
ada Green3
adb SpringGreen3
adc DarkCyan
add LightSeaGreen
ade DeepSkyBlue2
adf DeepSkyBlue1
aea Green3
aeb SpringGreen3
aec SpringGreen2
aed Cyan3
aee DarkTurquoise
aef Turquoise2
afa Green1
afb SpringGreen2
afc SpringGreen1
afd MediumSpringGreen
afe Cyan2
aff Cyan1
baa DarkRed
bab DeepPink4
bac Purple4
bad Purple4
bae Purple3
baf BlueViolet
bba Orange4
bbb Grey37
bbc MediumPurple4
bbd SlateBlue3
bbe SlateBlue3
bbf RoyalBlue1
bca Chartreuse4
bcb DarkSeaGreen4
bcc PaleTurquoise4
bcd SteelBlue
bce SteelBlue3
bcf CornflowerBlue
bda Chartreuse3
bdb DarkSeaGreen4
bdc CadetBlue
bdd CadetBlue
bde SkyBlue3
bdf SteelBlue1
bea Chartreuse3
beb PaleGreen3
bec SeaGreen3
bed Aquamarine3
bee MediumTurquoise
bef SteelBlue1
bfa Chartreuse2
bfb SeaGreen2
bfc SeaGreen1
bfd SeaGreen1
bfe Aquamarine1
bff DarkSlateGray2
caa DarkRed
cab DeepPink4
cac DarkMagenta
cad DarkMagenta
cae DarkViolet
caf Purple
cba Orange4
cbb LightPink4
cbc Plum4
cbd MediumPurple3
cbe MediumPurple3
cbf SlateBlue1
cca Yellow4
ccb Wheat4
ccc Grey53
ccd LightSlateGrey
cce MediumPurple
ccf LightSlateBlue
cda Yellow4
cdb DarkOliveGreen3
cdc DarkSeaGreen
cdd LightSkyBlue3
cde LightSkyBlue3
cdf SkyBlue2
cea Chartreuse2
ceb DarkOliveGreen3
cec PaleGreen3
ced DarkSeaGreen3
cee DarkSlateGray3
cef SkyBlue1
cfa Chartreuse1
cfb LightGreen
cfc LightGreen
cfd PaleGreen1
cfe Aquamarine1
cff DarkSlateGray1
daa Red3
dab DeepPink4
dac MediumVioletRed
dad Magenta3
dae DarkViolet
daf Purple
dba DarkOrange3
dbb IndianRed
dbc HotPink3
dbd MediumOrchid3
dbe MediumOrchid
dbf MediumPurple2
dca DarkGoldenrod
dcb LightSalmon3
dcc RosyBrown
dcd Grey63
dce MediumPurple2
dcf MediumPurple1
dda Gold3
ddb DarkKhaki
ddc NavajoWhite3
ddd Grey69
dde LightSteelBlue3
ddf LightSteelBlue
dea Yellow3
deb DarkOliveGreen3
dec DarkSeaGreen3
ded DarkSeaGreen2
dee LightCyan3
def LightSkyBlue1
dfa GreenYellow
dfb DarkOliveGreen2
dfc PaleGreen1
dfd DarkSeaGreen2
dfe DarkSeaGreen1
dff PaleTurquoise1
eaa Red3
eab DeepPink3
eac DeepPink3
ead Magenta3
eae Magenta3
eaf Magenta2
eba DarkOrange3
ebb IndianRed
ebc HotPink3
ebd HotPink2
ebe Orchid
ebf MediumOrchid1
eca Orange3
ecb LightSalmon3
ecc LightPink3
ecd Pink3
ece Plum3
ecf Violet
eda Gold3
edb LightGoldenrod3
edc Tan
edd MistyRose3
ede Thistle3
edf Plum2
eea Yellow3
eeb Khaki3
eec LightGoldenrod2
eed LightYellow3
eee Grey84
eef LightSteelBlue1
efa Yellow2
efb DarkOliveGreen1
efc DarkOliveGreen1
efd DarkSeaGreen1
efe Honeydew2
eff LightCyan1
faa Red1
fab DeepPink2
fac DeepPink1
fad DeepPink1
fae Magenta2
faf Magenta1
fba OrangeRed1
fbb IndianRed1
fbc IndianRed1
fbd HotPink
fbe HotPink
fbf MediumOrchid1
fca DarkOrange
fcb Salmon1
fcc LightCoral
fcd PaleVioletRed1
fce Orchid2
fcf Orchid1
fda Orange1
fdb SandyBrown
fdc LightSalmon1
fdd LightPink1
fde Pink1
fdf Plum1
fea Gold1
feb LightGoldenrod2
fec LightGoldenrod2
fed NavajoWhite1
fee MistyRose1
fef Thistle1
ffa Yellow1
ffb LightGoldenrod1
ffc Khaki1
ffd Wheat1
ffe Cornsilk1
fff Grey100
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Re: Xterm Color Code Chart by Heylenne

Post by Viridian »

Oh my god, this thread almost made me cry. This is by far the only game I've seen that is willing to do this much for accessibility. I love that AE is so supportive of the visually impaired.

Seriously, y'all deserve an award.
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Re: Xterm Color Code Chart by Heylenne

Post by Robespierre »

Updated with greyscale, in case anyone relies on this post like me.

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