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Write POLCA Walk-Through

Post by Niamh »

Hey guys! There has been some pretty widespread confusion over the write POLCA and how to use it. Thus... a walk-through guide!

Step 1 - Entering the POLCA

The way we enter the POLCA is by using nearly the same syntax as before, but without a subject. Lets say I'm writing into the newbie journal:

In my inventory is: a slender journal (keyword journal)

Command: write journal

This applies to books, boards, and individual sheets of paper. The command to enter the POLCA is always the same, being write <object keyword>.

Step 2 - Adding and Editing Pages

Writable objects with multiple pages or posts work the same way. First we need
to enter the POLCA as above. Adding new pages can then be done with add, which
will open a blank page to type into. Editing existing pages is done with edit
<page #>, which opens the specified page in the page, allowing the body, author,
or subject to be changed.

This sounds daunting, but it's super easy! Working in the example from step 1, lets add a new page that reads 'I am a banana' and has the subject 'A Short Page':

add <-- Opens the editor for the page body.
I am a banana.
@x <--Closes out of editor.
<enter key> <-- See what's left in the POLCA, such as subject or author.
subject A Short Page
done <-- Closes out of POLCA.

Editing is very similar to adding pages, using the same editor and POLCA. If we wanted to edit the page we made above, and add a line reading 'Niamh was here' to the bottom of the text:

write journal
edit 1 <-- Opens POLCA to page 1.
body <-- Opens editor for page body.
Niamh was here
@x <-- Closes out of editor.
done <-- Closes out of POLCA.

Sheets of Paper/Individual discs

Writing onto sheets of paper works the same as writing into a book, save that it can only have one page. Using 'add' won't work with single pages. If I want to write a note on a sheet of paper, warning somebody that I know what she did last summer, I would do the following:

write paper
body <-- Opens editor for page body
I know what you did last summer.
@x <-- Closes out of editor.
subject A Quick Note
done <-- Closes out of POLCA.
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