Changelog - May2021

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Changelog - May2021

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* Lotus Circle missions for mission system complete.
* Weaponcrafting plasma/laser weaponry rounded out with missing types.
* Damage dice on all melee weapon types tuned upwards.
* The number of birds lurking around has been greatly reduced.
* All email functions should be usable with communicators, no "courier" required.
* Recipe flag for critical crafting failures added by request.
* Snap <target> can now be used on objects to get photos of items.
* Another round of personas added courtesy of Dazika, recipes complete.
* Mission cancel option added to mission system, clears/resets timers.
* Indoor phome rooms will remain cleaner longer.
* Elevator security complete; secure ones may now require keycards for access.
* Blindness on characters previously infected has been removed.
* Venusian blindness disease will no longer make you blind literally forever.
* Mission mob assignments should save over copyover.
* CorpSec missions for mission system complete, CRIME items removed.
* Clothing in body or about cover groin indecency independent of leg items.
* Elevator system complete, mobprog elevators converted. See HELP ELEVATOR.
* Mission system implemented for Syndicate & Biodyne, others WIP. HELP MISSION.
* The cover system has been implemented. Check out HELP COVER!
* All appropriate items from Amenities flagged for the recolor command.
* All appropriate items from Jeweling flagged for the recolor command.
* All appropriate items from Fashion flagged for the recolor command.
* All appropriate items from Nomad Farming flagged for the recolor command.
* Construction and Gardening are no longer org-restricted skills.
* The sky grid has been connected to all districts and the outlands.
* All appropriate items from Construction flagged for the recolor command.
* All appropriate items from Engineering flagged for the recolor command.
* All appropriate items from Weaponcraft flagged for the recolor command.
* Roomba room flag added for phome purchases, see HELP ADD-ONS for pricing.
* The HELP RECOLOR command and functionality is in and ready for use.
* Many items can now be pawned to pawn shops for credits. See HELP PAWN.
* HELP LOTUS updated, specifically with regard to Companions.
* Functional incinerators added to the game's various morgues.
* Mecha system and recipes to create them complete. See HELP MECHA.
* Patrol-style events for the Naoshima Syndicate added to Smuggling.
* Courtesy of Dazika, the Glitch area in the Matrix has been released.
* The Lotus Circle broadcast system is complete. LC members, see HELP BROADCAST.
* No longer possible to shop/buy items while handcuffed or arrested.
* All pending evictions processed, properties listed, repo shop filled.
* Vacuum cleaners can now be crafted by Engineers.
* Qualifying rooms can become dirty and need cleaning. See HELP VACUUM.
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