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Re: IC Event Archive

Post by Niamh »

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In subject of: The Terran Initiative Collapses
Date         : Sat May  2 20:54:54 2020
Expires      : Thu Jan 26 19:55:19 2023
To           : all
On May 4th, Terran Standard Time, explosions wracked the sky of Terra as the
joint Syndicate and CorpSec task force assaulted the Terran Initiative
platform alongside that of an unregistered fleet of ships.  A stunning
display of technological superiority was shown by the Cerberus during the
assault as the invasion forces quickly dispatched the remnants of the defense
fleet around the platform.

Further news reports indicate subdual of Initiative defense forces around the
Senate and subsequent arrests of twenty two Senators, the remainder having
shunned the Capitol in protest of now deposed President Ramirez and their
fellow politicians.

What does this mean for the rest of the system as CorpSec takes over full
judiciary power of Terra and its surrounding orbit?  Only time will tell as
remaining Initiative forces still stationed on the planet turn over all
remaining military hardware to authorities.

Reports indicate President Ramirez is still at large. 

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In subject of: Planetary Protection Racket!
Date         : Thu May  7 00:00:10 2020
Expires      : Mon Jan 30 23:00:10 2023
To           : all
Following a grueling three week campaign, the collective fleets of the Five
Families have claimed victory of their own over the remnants of the Terran
Initiative navy.

Though this victory comes as a shock even with the Initiative in a weakened
state, it is evidently thanks to the use of hit-and-run tactics well suited
for a technologically superior foe, and more pointedly a logistics base
bolstered by the support of unnamed benefactors.

According to reports, Initiative forces were lured into a trap during which a
squadron of fighters was able to reach the Initiative Capital, doing untold
damage to the communications equipment therein and thereby cutting off many
of the system's smaller colonies and stations from emergency services.

Following this show of force, the pirate fleets have apparently dispersed
into five distinct fleets once more.  They have wasted little time in taking
advantage of the situation: In a strange twist on protection rackets, a
number of colonies and orbital stations throughout the solar system are
already claiming to have been held hostage until demands for tribute have
been met.

Some conjecture that if this had been the Five Families' only goal, then
certainly there must have been easier ways to go about it.  Especially given
the trouble it will undoubtedly cause them in the future: Sectors 33 and 34
are presently experiencing the most brilliant meteor shower in decades.  This
evidence of the space battle is obvious and undeniable proof that the pirate
fleets had ventured into Corpsec airspace during the operation. 

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In subject of: Humanadyne Opening Applications for 2IC
Date         : Sat May  9 02:13:20 2020
Expires      : Thu Feb  2 01:13:20 2023
To           : all
 A freckled woman with softly curled, coppery hair dressed in a black and red
themed Humanadyne uniform stands in front of a small contingent of reporters,
blinking a little behind the thickly framed glasses she wears.  Clearly not
used to the public eye, she awkwardly clears her throat before starting to
speak.  "Good evenin' everyone.  Jus' a few of weeks ago, one of our own, my
Two-I-C, Doctor Tyler Benedict los' his life while tryin' to help pull a
young girl from tha' wreckage on Tharsis.  He is remembered fer his
dedication to his work, and ensurin' tha' my orchids didna die.  With him
gone, they ain' doing so good now." 

Another quick cough, and the Chief Medical Officer scans the crowd as if
searching for someone, or something there in the faces of reporters. 
Whatever it is, she doesn't seem to find it and her voice is a touch shaky as
she goes on.  "And now I have the unfortunate task of tryin' ta replace a man
that is..  Irreplaceable.  Humanadyne is currently accepting applications for
this important role.  I will send out a detailed brief 'bout the required
qualifications an' duties." 

"That is all." Is how The Chief ends the presser, and when some poor reporter
tries to gain additional comments by shoving a microphone in her face, she is
quick to tell the poor guy, "Jus sod off.  Said I was done, alright?" 

Following the presser, a more detailed briefing about the role is released 
to the media and on job posting networks:
Position Available: Second In Command, Humanadyne General Hospital.
Humanadyne are currently looking for an experienced medical and cybernetics

professional to take on the role of the 2IC to the Chief of Medicine in
Job Role & Requirements:-

 + Adept in Medicine and or Cybernetics
 + Ability to be flexible, and multi task
 + Willing to work with our research department
 + Help monitor and keep supplies needed in stock
 + Liaise with Workers Union for supplies
 + Maintain reports on our internal database
 + Provides a constant supply of cookies
 + Gardening skills a bonus!
 + Liaise with Staff, aid with hiring and become 
   an additional contact point for other organisations.
 + Competitive salary and earn 100% of billing 
 + The role is open to applications from both within 
   Humanadyne and other medical and cybernetic organisations.
Interested parties should send through a CV and covering letter to
Beatrix Fox
Chief of Medicine

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In subject of: "Songs for Humans"
Date         : Tue May 12 07:40:27 2020
Expires      : Sun Feb  5 06:40:34 2023
To           : all
The camera approaches a woman with sky blue hair, seated on a chair
in the warmth of a comfy pub. Her arms are resting lazily on her
starry electric guitar.

"Hey Humans!", she chirps happily, "Heylenne Daubigny here. I will be
playing my 'Songs for Humans' on the Red Lion Pub, in Elysium." She
raises her eyebrows with a visible amusement, "It will be a kind of
new experience for me, since it will be rather calm, and intimate."
Follows a whispered "Yeah..."

"Ryzalia Sharabi will be present to ask me some questions on the fly.
And you're welcome to do the same."

Smiling, she beams a wink at the camera, and her image fades in the
sky blue. On that background, is written:

                     Songs for Humans
                   Red Lion Pub Elysium

            Friday may 15th, 16:00 system time
            Sunday may 17th, 09:00 system time
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Re: IC Event Archive

Post by Niamh »

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In subject of: Alien Cheerleading Squad Trailer
Date         : Tue May 19 12:20:28 2020
Expires      : Sun Feb 12 11:20:48 2023
To           : all
Loud synth music drives the pace of the trailer, opening with melodic chords
and a great deal of shaky camera work.  As strains of music go from a lower
bass to a higher pitch which borders on screeching, a deep male voice begins
to speak as scenes cut from one clip to the next in rapid succession.

"In a world," says the voice.  "Where St.  Mary's College is going to the
championships to cheer on the home team"

Two rows of ten college-age women stand on the 36 yard line of a football
field, their hair pulled back with silver ribbons tied up in a bow.  They
wear very tight red halter tops and short skirts that barely touch the knees,
and black boots with a very thin heel.  The ladies erupt in a cheer.  "Be,
aggressive!  B!  E!  Aggressive!" before forming and executing a perfect kick
line, where they jump and kick out.  One girl's heel goes flying, hitting a
football player in the head and knocking him unconscious.  The camera slowly
pans over to a sable-haired young woman in the same outfits as the others. 
"Sorry!" she gasps out.  "Okay, guys, I can do better next time.  Uh, go

A redhead sighs and looks toward her teammates, rolling her eyes.  "I told
you we needed Ashley.  But look at what we got instead?"

The male voice continues as scenes of old technology unfurls.  A large,
yellow bus filled with college-age passengers drives down the road as bubble
gum pop music blasts loudly.  Old cars and motorcycles can be seen driving
down a long stretch of highway.  "Krissy Dorgan isn't the only person having
a difficult time adjusting."

The scene shifts to an old-style laboratory with lights which run on
switches, and items which need to be plugged in.  A shifty-looking man in a
white lab coat steps out of the building and into a yard with lush green
foliage.  A Venusian woman smiles, tugging her lab coat slowly off of her
body.  As the man's gaze lowers to her chest, a savage cry can be heard.  A
large creature suddenly swoops down and the camera takes an aerial view as
the sounds of rending flesh and male screaming can be heard.  "Something's
been unleashed.  An experiment gone wrong.  And they're coming for the town
of Pleasant Valley."

The scene cuts back to a late-night cheerleading practice session on the
field.  "J!  A!  C!  K!  A!  L!  S!  They are better than the rest!  J!  A! 
C!  K!  A!  L!  S!  Gonna make your team have to take a rest!" Still dressed
in the same outfits, the cheerleading squad mills around with silver pom poms
in hand when the slim, sable-haired woman identified as Krissy, looks up as
creatures begin to block out the lights and head straight for her.  "But,"
intones the narrator, "Pleasant Valley won't take it lying down."

The synth music blares to nearly unbearable proportions as one clip after
another shows.  One man is being devoured by the birdlike creatures, while a
football player in a Jackals uniform strikes a match against an open bottle
of alcohol, tossing the flaming concoction toward the flying creatures.  "You
see, what these creatures don't know," continues the narrator.  "Is that
Pleasant Valley has done some experimenting of its own."

One of the cheerleaders walks alone in a parking lot smoking a cigarette.  "I
knew it was gonna be a shitty day." She says, rolling her eyes as they turn
yellow and a monstrous gray creature bursts from her skin, long tentacles
dragging on the ground as its tongue flicks out, tasting the air.  As a
killer creature flies toward it, the alien grabs it, snapping it in half and
tossing the head through a plate-glass window.

"Starring," says the deep-voiced narrator.  "Martian heartthrob Nathan
Buckley." The camera pans to the Martian's face as he gives off a
devil-may-care attitude while brandishing a knife like one might hold a
sword.  "You don't want to die a virgin, do you?" he asks before batting his

"And Interstellar Murder Party' scream queen Ryzalia Sharabi." Krissy Dorgan
runs down the street in high heels before stopping and firing a very
old-style gun.  "I did not sign up for this!" she yells erratically at the

"Join this dynamic duo and their cheerleading friends as they bring you
thrills, chills, and plenty of kills." The scene shifts to a cheerleader
being dropped to a gruesome, screaming end as she lands face first on the
fence which separates the field from the bleachers.

As the man speaks, the title appears in large red letters in sync with his
words.  "Alien Cheerleading Squad Versus Killer Pterrordactyles!" The trailer
ends with one of the killer birds coming directly toward the camera, its
mouth open as it emits an ear-splitting shriek. 

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In subject of: Aizu-Shoto Rebranded, Absorbs Ailing Corporations
Date         : Fri May 22 00:17:24 2020
Expires      : Tue Feb 14 23:17:35 2023
To           : all
As the turmoil surrounding the Martian Conflict, widespread rioting and
violence on Earth, and the subsequent collapse of the once mighty Terran
Initiative dies down widespread changes across the solar system begin to be
felt by its citizenry.  Among them, the implosion of countless Aizu-Shoto
competitors that languished in the wartime economy left them open for
bail-out or absorption.  Absorption was provided by the Aizu-Shoto.  With
dozens of once independent corporations spanning countless areas of
production and expertise under the Aizu-Shoto umbrella, the now staggeringly
influential conglomerate has rebranded itself as the Corporate Collective.

Asked for comment, the Chairman with authority over the new conglomerate -
Mojmir Sokolov - remarked: "Fellow citizens, the demise of the inefficient
Initiative was a death knell for the old way of doing business as well.  No
longer will dozens and dozens of smaller corporations vie with one another
over providing the same goods that Aizu-Shoto can do best to begin with -
what a waste of resources and time, what dreadful inefficiency!  The old
bureaucracy can no longer shelter this suboptimal way of running the
industrial economy.  Now, unfettered and having secured an airtight monopoly
for the good of all mankind, we have become the Corporate Collective -
branches of all industries that have come to fall into our loving embrace! 
Together, we shall -all- move into the future!  To celebrate this momentous
occasion, all of our goods will have a decrease in cost and our workers an
increase in pay!  It has never been better to be part of the Collective or to
be a loyal shopper - rejoice, humanity!" 
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Re: IC Event Archive

Post by Niamh »

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In subject of: The End of an Era
Date         : Sun May 24 01:57:09 2020
Expires      : Fri Feb 17 00:57:15 2023
To           : all
Calls for an end to the Terran Initiative have appeared to have culminated in
a climactic moment this past evening as a motley assortment of individuals
from multiple organizations spearheaded an effort to capture the rogue
President Ramirez.  Retrieved footage surrounding the newly revealed CorpSec
warship Cerberus has surfaced with these heroic individuals on the bridge,
combatting the President's escort and boarding his space yacht in the remote
outskirts of the asteroid belt.

<Video of a dropship landing on Terra with President Ramirez bound and
surrounded by CorpSec Director Stanton Redgrave, Atticus and Marcella
Bridger, Rita Flores, Collective Chairman Mojmir Sokolov, Doctor Sera
Sokolova, Humanadyne Chief of Medicine Beatrix Foxe, and Richard Kinman along
with faceless Praetorians is played>

Other witnesses have pointed out an unauthorized broadcast sweeping the
network from an unknown source, playing video of the engagement on the
President's yacht in which he claimed no remorse for the Hades Incident,
followed by the removal of his hands via plasma blade and disablement with a

Expectations have begun to rise surrounding the exposure of this footage
regarding upcoming trials for the President, apprehended Senators, and
loyalist Initiative Officials while controversy surrounds one figure in
particular - former Admiral John Harkstead following his denouncement of the
Initiative prior to the tragedy. 

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In subject of: The trial of the century
Date         : Mon May 25 13:33:12 2020
Expires      : Sat Feb 18 12:33:12 2023
To           : all
At 11:10, Tuesday, July 31, 2368 TST an urgent holovid broadcast hits the
streets on every available public screen.  "This is Peter o'hanranhanrahan
reporting DIRECT from the high courts of Justice!  I have been given
exclusive access to the proceedings of the former president for FULL
transparency.  You've got it all here, ladies and gentlemen.  Stay runed for
more JUICY information!" The jovial looking man transitions into a direct
feed of the austere, CorpSec courtroom.  A dour, steely looking Judge sits on
a high dais overlooking the erstwhile President, absent his hands which are
wrapped up in medical tape.  "You are charged with high crimes, crimes of
which there is little forgiveness or redemption.  You have single handedly
brought ruin to the call and faith of democracy, and law.  You are charged
with High Treason, war crimes of the first tier, mis-allocation of government
funds, corruption of office-" It goes on, and on, and on, it takes about an
hour to list all the official charges brought against the man.  It paints a
dire picture of the doomed man, he knows his face- as does everybody else in
the room, but Justice, law and procedure must be followed to the letter.

The Director of CorpSec, Stanton Redgrave, can be seen sitting in the
prosecution bay presenting the case against, staring daggers into the back of
the former Presidents skull as the charges and evidence are brought out. 
It's a quick process after this point, there is little refuting from the mans
defending counsel, a few attempts at bending the law and skirting around
certain charges- but this is a CorpSec court, well versed in law to a
religious degree and there is no wiggle room.  A sentence is passed, death. 
It is rare for CorpSec to issue a death sentence for anything other than a
Murder of a CorpSec Officer, this is the first man charged with high treason
in at least a century.

A few hours afterwards, it seems time is not being wasted.  The reporter
appears again at CorpSec plaza, "You heard it folks, the former president has
been sentenced to death!  Nobody can say they're surprised, and it has been
authorized for live viewing on Holovid for full transparency." The Holocam
pans around to the dais erected in the center of CorpSec plaza.  There's a
large crowd, lots of angry Martians and former initiative soldiers jeering
and shouting out- who are swiftly fined and made quiet by CorpSec minders. 
The Former President is lead up the steps by a team of Crimson armoured
Preatorians, a look of scorn and defiance on his face.  He seems to have been
denied any last words.  The Director begins to speak, "Today, humanity is
watching us.  We are in unprecedented times, uncharted ground.  First contact
with a hostile race, civil war that almost brought us to ruin.  Crisis, after
crisis, after crisis.  We are at the precipice of our species, we can grasp
our future or let it fall into the mouth of hell." The President is affixed
to the platform, "This man represents the old world, the world of greed- of
suffering, of pain, and corruption.  No more, I say.  This is the line in the
sand.  It is time to rise up, and grasp our future among the stars and defend
humanity.  The law is absolute, the law will guide our hands and protect us. 
The misery that is now upon is is simply the passing of greed, the bitterness
of men who fear the way of human progress.  So long as men are prepared to
die, liberty will never fail us." To that end, the Director unclips an
unassuming shaft from his equipment belt.  It activates, spitting a humming,
vibrant azure plasma blade from the hilt.

It rises, and slices down in a single clean arc, depriving the former
President of his head.  

Later in the day, other trials and processes are brought to bare against the
Commanders and Generals of the Initiative.  Those found to have been
complicit in the Presidents crimes are sentenced to harsh conditions on the
Lunar detention facility, and the mines of Titan.  Those found to have spoken
against the President and his orders, and showed resistance, are given a
chance to serve in the new Military.  It is much the same for the Senators,
those who resisted are offered places in the new Government- those who did
not, are given harsh sentences.  

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In subject of: Rise of the Sol Ascendancy
Date         : Mon May 25 14:20:14 2020
Expires      : Sat Feb 18 13:20:25 2023
To           : all
Recent remodeling of the platform formerly belonging to the Terran Initiative
has been completed in the wake of President Ramirez's capture and sentencing,
the monumental event marking the death knell of the former government. 
Public speculation has risen as to who would take up the mantle now that the
former government has fallen.  Logical conclusions have turned towards
CorpSec, the organization having stood as Terra's planetside government in
all but name with judiciary control.

The government's collapse has led to chaos in Sol's merchant trade lanes with
smuggling operations and piracy on the rise, many of which appear to
allegedly hold multiple connections with the shadow organization known as the
Five Families.

In light of this, colonial governors and the blessedly few former Terran
Senators still in good standing have called for a convention with CorpSec
leadership to discuss the future.  If rumors are to be believed, they intend
to draft a new charter for governance of the system.  Martian Independance
Movement leader William Hutchins has been confirmed for attendance to
represent Martian interests as well as leaders from Venus, Jupiter, and
Saturn.  Further rumors from Saturn have questioned whether Valhalla
representatives will be attending the convention or if they'll be providing
their interests through the delegation.

The convention will be open to the public on the newly remodeled platform in
the Convocation Hall and televised via Holovid and various matrix lounges.

OOC: The Convention will be held on Wednesday May 27th at 12 PM EST. 

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In subject of: Monument to the Fallen
Date         : Tue May 26 18:05:35 2020
Expires      : Sun Feb 19 17:05:40 2023
To           : all
While the trials of President Ramirez and his conspirators has concluded, it
appears those affected by their actions have begun to move on as rebuilding
has gone underway on Mars.  The site of the Hades Tragedy has been
transformed into a monument with expanding residences and business in the
area, the monument itself now standing as a point of pride and remembrance to
the planet's people.

Good appears to have cropped up in the wake of the monument's unveiling as
The Collective and Workers Party have united to confirm a now successful
product to construct a drill in the area, recent reports from the Hades crash
site having revealed a massive deposit of ice deep beneath the surface. 
Powered by the famous Aizu-Shoto MK-2 power core, the drill was able to
penetrate further than any have managed prior, revealing a source of water
for the ailing area and hopefully future prosperity. 

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In subject of: Whispers from the Underworld
Date         : Tue May 26 18:51:10 2020
Expires      : Sun Feb 19 17:51:16 2023
To           : all
The rumour mill about the shadow organisation Five Families is once again
bubbling.  After recent news of the increase in organ trafficking, as well as
the establishment of the smuggling routes in space and piracy on the rise,
more news have been revealed.

Rumor has it that the disappearance of the former Don has been declared
internally.  They are the ultimate boss of the Five Families, capable of
issuing orders through any of the branches below him or her.  It is not
entirely unorthodox for those without blood-relatives they deem worthwhile,
to choose from among the underlings instead.  @ As this was the case for the
former Don, secret meetings behind closed doors and between the more
important personalities of the Five Families have been held for days
afterwards.  If one may now believe the rumors, a new capable successor was
found who will be replacing the former Don and now possesses the authority
over all the Five Families.  And as if that were not enough, this is
apparently the first time in a long time - or at all - that the new Don has
never been a member of the Terran Mafia, but rather belongs to one of the
other four families.  

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In subject of: Shipyard Raised in Honor of Jovian Chairman
Date         : Tue May 26 21:13:05 2020
Edited       : Tue May 26 21:13:58 2020
Expires      : Sun Feb 19 20:13:09 2023
To           : all
Live footage on networks across the holonet provides a look into one of the
most elaborate celebrations held by the residents of Krondstadt in many
decades: The unveiling of the Aizu-Shoto Shipyards, raised in honor of
home-grown Jovian Chairman Mojmir Sokolov, being met with great fanfare.  "We
are proud of Krondstadt's son and to open the gates to the shipyard," the
station governor remarked to the press, "may their unveiling bring more
prosperity to our already prosperous people." 
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Re: IC Event Archive

Post by Niamh »

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In subject of: The Don faces a gambit
Date         : Thu Jun  4 02:15:14 2020
Expires      : Tue Feb 28 01:15:14 2023
To           : all
The Five Families - organized crime in general - is just another kind of
business.  When the leader of a business lets their eye off of what is best
for the organization, it can be catastrophic.  In the case of the Five, to
operate subtly and in the shadows is paramount to keep out of the public eye
and law enforcement's.  Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case.  Massive
pressure from a consortium of various interests - colonial government,
business, financial and major crime figures starts to push hard on the Five
due to the very attention-drawing antics of the current Don.  It is made
clear that this consortium would like someone with a better head for
operating low-key and concerning themselves with credits instead of brazen
acts of violence would be preferred.

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In subject of: Marcella faces a gambit
Date         : Sat Jun  6 03:54:18 2020
Expires      : Thu Mar  2 02:54:18 2023
To           : all
Anyone in the know throughout the solar system understands that it's not
Marcella Bridger that leads the Sol Worker's Party, but rather The General of
the Syndicate of Bondsmen, who truly pulls the strings.  Concerned by this
level of influence, and acknowledging that her position as Union Steward is
unduly compromised by this connection, many proletariats think The Workers
Union is more than ready for a significant change: For fresh blood to step up
from amongst their members and lead them in a new direction.  One that is
less reliant on the Syndicate, and which no longer allows the General undue
influence.  And with so many talented members at the moment, there's a wealth
of people to choose from.  

It's time for a change.

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In subject of: General faces a gambit
Date         : Sat Jun  6 16:10:52 2020
Expires      : Thu Mar  2 15:10:52 2023
To           : all
More and more concerned citizens seeking protection from the atrocious
criminality in the sector notice that the Syndicate is abusing citizens with
their incredible corrupt and cruel behavior, recently starting to threaten
innocent individuals in the streets publicly while accepting bounties and
contracts without CorpSec approval.

These citizens from all levels of society believe that threats, hatred and
violence is not a solution that the Syndicate should have access to, while
claiming to work for the law as if they were budget detectives for CorpSec. 
This should probably be left to the professionals and not to the General

It's about time someone competent steps up who honors their own code of
conduct and pursuit archaeological investigations instead of bringing even
more violence and anguish to the Sector.

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In subject of: Sanoh faces a gambit
Date         : Sun Jun  7 05:57:45 2020
Expires      : Fri Mar  3 04:57:45 2023
To           : all
When Sanoh was elected to the office of Exalted One, there was a lot of hope
in what she could do with the position to assist the less fortunate and
society as a whole.  Unfortunately, it seems she squandered the role, instead
spending most of her time drunk, on drugs, associating with shady characters
- and worse, rumors of serious criminal activity.  Concerned leaders of
business and the fashion industry have come forward to lean heavily on those
affiliated with the Lotus Guild to replace Sanoh Nook with someone more

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In subject of: First Annual Costume Rave
Date         : Sun Jun  7 10:38:17 2020
Expires      : Fri Mar  3 09:38:22 2023
To           : all
.   o   \ o /  _ o        __|    \ /     |__         o _  \ o /   o   .
.  /|\    |     /\   __\o   \o    |    o/     o/__   /\     |    /|\  .
.  / \   / \   | \  /) |    ( \  /o\  / )    |   (\  / |   / \   / \  .
.       .......................................................       .
. \ o / .                                                     . \ o / .
.   |   .   Citizens of the Sol System are welcomed to the    .   |   .
.  / \  .   F I R S T  A N N U A L  C O S T U M E  R A V E    .  / \  .
.       .   to be held at The Nexus in Sector 7, on planet    .       .
.  _ o  .   Earth. This year's charity are the citizens of    .  _ o  .
.   /\  .   the Martian Tharsis Colony, in hopes that what    .   /\  .
.  | \  .   horrid damage the Terran Initiative caused can    .  | \  .
.       .   be repaired.                                      .       .
.       .                                                     .       .
.  __\o .   This year's sponsors are Violet Voss, a novice    .  __\o .
. /) |  .   in the Lotus Circle, as well as a selection of    . /) |  .
.       .   well-regarded corporative funders.                .       .
. __|   .                                                     . __|   .
.   \o  .   The FIRST ANNUAL COSTUME RAVE to raise funding    .    \o .
.   ( \ .   for the ongoing reconstruction of Tharsis will    .   ( \ .
.       .   be held in late September (OOC: June 11, 2020)    .       .
.  \ /  .   and a costume-only event, with masks required.    .  \ /  .
.   |   .   Bring your credsticks if you intend to donate!    .   |   .
.  /o\  .                                                     .  /o\  .
.       .   Quick, low-cost costumes can be purchased from    .       .
.   |__ .   V.V. Couture in sector 7. Catering provided by    .   |__ .
. o/    .   Doctor Zagy Williams of Humanadyne.               . o/    .
./ )    .                                                     ./ )    .
.       .......................................................       .
.   o   \ o /  _ o        __|    \ /     |__         o _  \ o /   o   .
.  /|\    |     /\   __\o   \o    |    o/     o/__   /\     |    /|\  .
.  / \   / \   | \  /) |    ( \  /o\  / )    |   (\  / |   / \   / \  .
(OOC: The event will start June 11, 2020, at 3PM EST.)
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Re: IC Event Archive

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In subject of: Rumors from the Criminal Underworld
Date         : Tue Jun  9 07:53:11 2020
Expires      : Sun Mar  5 06:53:22 2023
To           : all
Word from the underworld indicates that a shake-up in the leadership of the
Five Families has left the organization in a state of uncertainty.  With
pressure from outside the group having succeeded in driving the Don out of
power by exerting pressure to drop contracts with the Five unless a change
was made, those on the inside are left with a decision to make - who will
next rise to power? 

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In subject of: Catch and Release Over Sector 7 "Slaughterhouse"
Date         : Tue Jun  9 08:17:47 2020
Expires      : Sun Mar  5 07:17:53 2023
To           : all
The matrix is abuzz with news that a second generation Venusian-Terran,
Changying Sun, was arrested in Sector 7's Entertainment District following
the Anonymous release of several photos of his place of business - a place
not-so-fondly called the "slaughterhouse" by those in the know.  Caught
elbows deep in the torso of a dead man who was at the time labeled "John Doe
7", the self-proclaimed organ harvester was taken into custody and brought up
multiple counts of murder.  A twist in the case came when his public defender
unearthed documents that proved none of the bodies at this "slaughterhouse"
were illegally acquired, producing shipment records and donor certificates
for each of the John and Jane Does found on the premises.  Subsequently, all
murder charges against Sun were dropped.  He was, however, given a hefty fine
for "endangering the public health" and required to resolve the poor
sanitation found in the establishment within the thirty days. 

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In subject of: New Era in the Criminal Underworld
Date         : Wed Jun 10 08:38:33 2020
Expires      : Mon Mar  6 07:38:39 2023
To           : all
The gambit against the Don of the Five Families has succeeded and the
whispers of re-organization are taking place in the criminal underworld. 
What the response to be to the actions of corporates and proles against the
organization has yet to be seen.  Will things become better or worse?  Time
will tell if their new approaches will be similar to their past operations or
a whole new take in their lines of business. 

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In subject of: Gambit Against General Fails
Date         : Fri Jun 12 10:32:17 2020
Expires      : Wed Mar  8 09:32:27 2023
To           : all
(Content provided by player)

For a little over a month, there has been a constant buzz about the operation
of the Syndicate of Bondsmen.  From accusations of the General's inability to
control the Bondsmen, to insinuations of the Bondsmen acting as
'rent-a-detectives' while also discrediting the organization as a
criminally-inclined gang of thugs, and cutthroats.

On October 8th, 2368, a number of Bondsmen, each claiming to be speaking for
the General spoke out against these rumors.  They stated that the indications
of cruelty, and threats were unfounded and lacked evidence.  Not only that,
but the push to dismantle the organization's leadership was a ploy instituted
by non-affiliated mercenary groups and pirates posing as Syndicate Bondsmen
in hopes to deny the Syndicate business, and ultimately shut them down.  A
number of legal bounties have been placed on these groups in retaliation.

It was later suggested that the General themselves, made this statement: "All
Syndicate contracts are monitored, and tracked.  If you receive information
of an ongoing contract on you, or someone you know, please verify it at your
local Syndicate Office, or report it to CorpSec for authentication.  Bare in
mind, that the Syndicate of Bondsmen is a strictly neutral organization of
specialized hunters, trackers, and relic hunters.  We will not hesitate to
take action against threats to our organization." 

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In subject of: Pressure on Lotus Ousts Exalted One
Date         : Fri Jun 12 11:08:45 2020
Edited       : Fri Jun 12 11:25:54 2020
Expires      : Wed Mar  8 10:08:47 2023
To           : all
Political shake-ups throughout the solar system have resolved in the removal
of another well-known leader, Sanoh Nook, whose position as Exalted One
became tenuous in mid-autumn of 3125.  A swarm of rumors involving
questionable behavior - many of which have been publicly contested by members
of the Lotus Circle - appear to have managed to sway the solar system's
influential against her, and the pressure that was placed upon the
organization from the outside culminated in the seat being left open.  Who
will next take the reins has not yet been announced. 
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Re: IC Event Archive

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In subject of: Union Steward Ousted from Office
Date         : Fri Jun 12 18:50:50 2020
Expires      : Wed Mar  8 17:50:57 2023
To           : all
(Content provided by player)

A video begins to circulate on Sol news channels:

On the early morning of October 11th 2368, the founding Union Steward of the
Sol Worker's Party Marcella Bridger-Drummond stands in her now signature
Initiative Admiral's jacket and addresses a crowd gathered at Feng Wang Park.
She waits for the crowd of supporters, detractors, and the press to arrive
and she holds up her hand for them to settle.  A tall, ginger-tufted man in
black robes and a white clerical collar whispers something to her and she
seems to repeat something after him and then steps forward and taps her

"I would like to first thank everyone whom has shown me their support in the
recent turmoil," the woman's Gaelic voice slightly pinched in her throat,
"And I would ask their favor one last time that they show the next Steward
the same considerations and kindness.  " She scans her mossy eyes over the
gathered crowd, "Comrades," and she pauses, "Proletariat of Terra and the
Colonies.  Workers of the Party ...  In the past years we have seen
tremendous changes for humanity.  We have discovered we are not alone in the
cosmos.  We have fought against tyranny and seek to look towards a better
future.  Never forget that the path is forward and never forget that you are
vital.  That you are the lifeblood of the human race and that the fruits of
your labor are the raw stuff that form our innovations and our
accomplishments." She raises up her free hand into the fist of the Party and
squeezes it for emphasis.

She pauses and then seems to recite a quote from another: "As long as I
breathe I hope.  As long as I breathe I shall fight for the future, that
radiant future, in which man, strong and beautiful, will become master of the
drifting stream of his history and will direct it towards the boundless
horizons of beauty, joy and happiness."

As a drizzle of rain begins to fall from the oak-leaf canopy in the Park she
nods as the crowd begins to depart.  She shakes hands with the few people who
step forward and she pats one dusty-looking fellow in MIM fatigues on the
shoulder and chuckles as something or another and then steps to the treeline.
A series of high-pitched calls and an excitable pine squirrel scampers from a
nearby nest to follow the woman as she walks off. 

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In subject of: Stalker and Murderer Convicted, Sent to Lunar Colony
Date         : Fri Jun 12 17:36:00 2020
Expires      : Wed Mar  8 16:36:01 2023
To           : all
Identified by TIN as Sapte Ivanov, a Jovian immigrant was tried and convicted
on two counts of murder, eleven counts of forgery, twenty-three counts of
stalking, and seventeen counts of digital harassment, after officers -
originally only in pursuit of the individual responsible for the murder of a
corporate citizen last year - uncovered a vast collection of incriminating
materials in Ivanov's home.  Among these materials were countless photographs
of the Chief of Medicine of the Humanadyne organization, Beatrix Foxe, that
were clearly taken without her knowledge, heavily detailed journals
describing Ivanov's long-term and dangerous obsession with Foxe, and dozens
of forged documents which confirmed that his detailed plans to frame her for
any number of bizarre crimes and offenses were already being put into
circulation.  The courts were able to confirm that Ivanov was transported to
the Lunar prison colony October 10th, 2368, for an extended sentence. 

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In subject of: Endless Prosperity
Date         : Sat Jun 13 15:55:05 2020
Expires      : Thu Mar  9 14:55:05 2023
To           : all
Chairman Mojmir Sokolov released a statement to the press today that included
the following - "Fellow citizens of Sol, we have seen a glorious new age dawn
upon us - one of increased stability and safety.  With the leadership of the
Ascendancy, we can now pave the way to greater prosperity for all!  The
Collective will start by opening up new factories and laboratories to hire
corporates and proles alike, providing on the job training, and opening lines
of credit to all employees.  In addition, the price of all of our consumer
goods will drop in reflection of this push to prosperity!  We are many, we
are one - we are the Collective.  And we are here to provide all you need,
from jobs to refrigerators."

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In subject of: Preparation for Ground Breaking a New Art School
Date         : Sat Jun 13 21:13:27 2020
Expires      : Thu Mar  9 20:13:33 2023
To           : all
Chief Magistrate Bella Odelle has been quietly calling people into her office
throughout the last month, speaking to people about a new Art School intended
for the Entertainment District.

The art school is intended to both provide jobs to those who would be willing
to teach, and provide marketable skills to any who might be looking to learn.
Anything that can fall into the category of 'artistic' is open for possible
classes at the school, including fashion, art, gardening, cooking, bartending
- the possibilities are endless.

All industry secrets will be avoided, though she mentioned that the building
would be open for use for those lessons just like any others.

The intention is to include a rooftop bonsai garden, versatile classrooms,
communal offices for teachers to use for meetings, and an expansive gallery
for students to display their work.

She puts out the following names for contact, if others are interested: For
Teaching Positions: Union Representative Malakai Roper For Design Ideas: Sera
Sokolova For Other Ideas: Bella Odelle

She says that she looks forward to the hopefully positive impact to the
community, and once the construction details have been finalized, there will
be a ceremony for the ground breaking. 

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In subject of: Ryzalia Sharabi Ascends to Exalted One
Date         : Sun Jun 14 02:16:07 2020
Expires      : Fri Mar 10 01:16:19 2023
To           : all
The courtyard of the Lotus Circle is buzzing with a large crowd of its
members, press, and associates from surrounding businesses in the area.  A
slim, sable-haired young woman steps out of the foyer and stands so that she
is in front of the onlookers.  Many look at her in surprise and the
occasional whispers of 'Oh my God, it's that lady from the alien cheerleading
trailer', and 'Really?  Is that the Interstellar Murder Party woman?' can be
heard from the throng of people.  

Her voice is clear and melodic.  Despite the number gathered, she quiets the
crowd by simply projecting her voice over their own.  

"Hello, everyone.  My name is Ryzalia Sharabi, and yes, you are right about
my holo-titles.  Many of you may have received information that I have
accepted the position as Exalted One.  This is the most important role that I
have ever been blessed to step into.  First, I would like to thank Miss Sanoh
Nook for her leadership and role within the Circle.  Because of her hard work
and attention to partnerships, we have been able to do many charitable works
and continue to interweave entertainment and community.  And is that not what
we all are?  A community?  I would like to thank her for her work and
dedication." She smiles softly, her expression full of warmth.

"I want us to remember that.  We are entertainers and we tell stories.  We
tell them through song, conversation, holo-movies, stage performances.  We
tell them through our interactions, solid reporting, books, poetry, and
prose.  We tell them through imagery, both created and captured."

She pauses for a long moment, her gaze encompassing the crowd slowly.  "I
plan to see that you are all able to do that entertaining with all of the
proper tools at your disposal.  Entertaining takes ambition.  It takes heart,
drive, knowledge, opportunity, and heart.  If you've got the ambition, we've
got the opportunities."

Another dazzling smile is given to the crowd.  "My door is open.  If you need
anything, please, contact me.  But let us put our focus in providing the best
in telling those stories that we can.  Life can be hard, but it is more
bearable because of the hard work and excellence that each of you provide."
With that, she steps to the side, lifting her hand in a gesture of welcome
before the press conference ends. 
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Re: IC Event Archive

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In subject of: Jacobs' Plot Foiled!
Date         : Sun Jun 14 17:25:52 2020
Edited       : Sun Jun 14 17:48:42 2020
Expires      : Fri Mar 10 16:26:13 2023
To           : all
The airwaves are currently abuzz with talk of the latest mass murder plot to
be aimed at Terra's Sector 7.  Not the first, nor likely the last, this one
purportedly involved cryptocurrency billionaire Aaron Jacobs, known by his
holonet handle The Hyena.  According to local news reports, Jacobs was shot
dead in his penthouse while attempting to release a heretofore unknown toxic
laughing gas upon the unsuspecting public during the eve of this year's
Diwali festival.  While his motivations aren't well understood, it's clear
Jacobs intended to enact some form of revenge upon the revelers in
attendance, whom he lured with a massive parade, free credsticks, and the
promise of fireworks over the Entertainment District.  As attendees noted,
the fireworks were never deployed, but the Diwali lanterns did make their way
into the atmosphere in a dazzling display of floating light and color.

Sol Ascendancy trainee Joon Rhee is being publicly credited for helping to
foil Jacobs' plot.  There are also unconfirmed reports that Geneva Barrick,
Malakai Roper, Darlene Madison, Richard Kinman, Ami Cross, Ossyriss Tamarisk,
Kensington Whitelake, Sanoh Nook, and Marcella Bridger were also involved --
either in directly stopping Jacobs' attack or in minimizing the organic
damage caused by the premature detonation of one or more toxic lanterns.

While no one seems to know where Jacobs acquired his formula for the laughing
gas, there are rumors that it may have made its way onto the dark web, along
with other files, in the moments directly after his death. 

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In subject of: Malakai Roper Appointed Union Steward
Date         : Mon Jun 15 19:18:00 2020
Expires      : Sat Mar 11 18:18:08 2023
To           : all
During the afternoon of the 21st of October 2368, the newly appointed Union
Steward of the Sol Worker's Party Malakai Roper steps outside of the Union
Center to address the gathered crowd.  Chants of "Marci" and a few negative
responses come from some of the attendees, others, particularly the miner
crews chant his name instead.  Taking a deep breath, Malakai raises both
hands towards to the crowd, palms down when he lowers them as supporters and
detractors alike start to drone down into a silence.

"Let me start off by saying thank ya for coming out, whether in support or
not, ya doing exactly what ya should be doing and voicing ya opinions.  That
is something I don't ever wanna see go away, even if it's negative...  Ya
will be heard." He pauses, adjusting a pair of silver framed glasses as he
looks out to the gathered masses "Ta those a ya that don't know me, I'm
Malakai Roper.  I came ta tha Union not so long ago, but tha prior Steward
Marcella Bridger-Drummond saw something in me, elevated me up ta Foreman
status for our mining crews." He pauses again, a soft smile spreading across
his lips as some of the miners start up a chant, his hands raising to calm
them again "I'm not coming in and going ta shake tha place up, and while my
feet may be pretty damn big, is gonna be hard ta fill tha shoes left by

After another brief pause, vibrant blue eyes peering out at the crowd, he
nods softly "While some things may change, most hopefully for tha better but
some maybe for tha worse..  We will not only overcome but prosper.  Our hard
work, tha blood, sweat, and tears we shed will pave our way forward, not only
for tha Union but humanity as a whole.  We are tha lifeblood that keeps the
heart of humanity pumping, the factories running, food on tables and
starships in the sky." He raises his fist, clenching it tightly "We are tha
Party, and we'll live on." 

As the crowd cheers, he bows his head in silence for a moment, stepping back
towards the Center afterwards.  He stops right outside the entrance, turning
to look towards the crowd once more, raising a clenched fist one more time as
the crowd follows suit.  Nodding once, he lowers it and makes his way inside
the Center. 

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In subject of: Vega Family Heir Arrives
Date         : Tue Jun 16 00:02:27 2020
Expires      : Sat Mar 11 23:02:36 2023
To           : all
Late in the evening a fancy looking transport from Sector 22 touched down in
the spaceport.  The massive figure that stepped off drew more than a a touch
of attention as he disembarked in a finely made suit and tie.  The man is
apparently Arthur Vega, a Peer from the rural parts of Sector 22 who happens
to be the last of his family line.  Apparently he has come here to learn
about politics.  Though rumors abound if he will do anything else while
here...like seek a wife or build a new estate.  The gossip could be seen and
heard all the next day. 

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In subject of: Humanity Prosperous! (Mostly)
Date         : Sun Jun 21 00:00:10 2020
Expires      : Fri Mar 17 00:00:10 2023
To           : all
The Collective and those who helped back the Path to Prosperity succeed in
their ambitious plan to bring more employment, education, and wealth into the
hands of many citizens - especially proles.  Credits flow freely into the
hands of those who took advantage of this, and of course the Collective
certainly didn't hurt from it.  Chairman Mojmir Sokolov proudly hails it as a
model for the new age.  Of course, not everybody wins - some are entirely
unaffected, and there's less independent businesses left in the wake of this
bonanza, their employees having abandoned them or simply unable to compete
with the Collective's pricing.  The Chairman goes on record as stating that
this is the price for greater efficiency and wealth for all.

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In subject of: Lansing Heir Arrives in Sector 7
Date         : Thu Jun 25 03:47:41 2020
Expires      : Tue Mar 21 03:47:54 2023
To           : all
Recently it became known that none other than Vic Lansing arrived in Sector 7
in a private shuttle, who is the only known heir of the deceased senator of
the destroyed Sector 14, Will Lansing.  Unlike most members of the peerage,
it is known that Lansing is not interested in becoming a senator, although he
is clearly capable of doing so, but he has used his influence in the past to
more than successfully lead a secret team of corporate mercenaries.  Known
for being not only a competent and authoritative leader, he never shied away
from taking risks for any mission, and is very effective at handling a wide
arsenal of firearms and close combat weaponry.  After countless successful
contracts and a collection of big news articles full of glory, the spec ops
team was terminated by Lansing himself, the reason being a single failed
objective, which apparently involved the acquisition of classified data and
information.  Although this was only one small failure in a major career of a
well-known mercenary leader, it confirms the rumours that Lansing does not
allow for the slightest mistake, none whatsoever, however small and his zero
tolerance policy for failure. 
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Re: IC Event Archive

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In subject of: Corporate Buyouts and the Evolution of Humanadyne
Date         : Thu Jun 25 04:59:19 2020
Expires      : Tue Mar 21 04:59:37 2023
To           : all
Stepping up to the media podium, the woman that many would recognise as the
embroiled Beatrix Foxe, The Chief of Medicine stands tall, boot heels giving
her an extra few inches of height as she stares down the camera.  There's
flashlights going off as the press snap pictures of the woman dressed in a
striking edgy suit that shows off her holographic ponytail of hair that
shimmers with starry hues.  But she waits patiently for the shouts and
questions about everything from her love life, to the recent accusations to
die down.  She doesn't address any of them, and instead begins to speak with
her characteristic accent that forever marks her as a once-prole:

"Evolve or die.  

It is fitting tha' something which is such a central theme in biology has
left its mark on Humanadyne.  Ultimately, Humandyne did wha' it set out to
do.  People are healthier than they ever were thanks to the dedicated efforts
of our researchers, doctors and all our supportin' staff over the years
throughout the solar system.  Many diseases have been eradicated an' the need
for intervening medicine has become rare.

Effectively, we're too good.  And if we had kept on our current path,
eventually we'd have gone bankrupt or been absorbed and become another of the
corporate masses under the umbrella of the Corporate Collective.

And so we evolve.  Over the last few months we reached out ta PrimaTech, an'
a number of other corporate cybertech an' bioware companies and formed our
own variegated organisation of the best of the best in the scientific
community.  An' it is through this alliance tha' we're able to expand our
reach an' our product line.  So, fer the bioware an' cybertech fanatics out
there, keep yer eyes peeled.  We'll be puttin' out requests for testers in
tha' near future.  But donna worry, fer those of you tha' have need of our
medical services, our hospitals will remain.  And we're there ta help. 
Babies still need ta be born, yer wounds still patched up an' our range of
drugs an' medicines will still be readily available.

And so, I now introduce myself to you anew.  Beatrix Foxe, Chairman of
Biodyne.  Evolving, still." 

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In subject of: Sun-Zhou Corp Heiress Takes Over Terran Business
Date         : Thu Jun 25 20:56:47 2020
Expires      : Tue Mar 21 20:56:52 2023
To           : all
Minji Zhou, heiress to the vast Sun-Zhou Corporation and its extensive
portfolio of media, entertainment and hospitality businesses, has recently
been installed as the CEO of one of the corporation's local Terran subsidiary
companies.  This is regarded by many as a trial run for her eventual takeover
of the entire corporate empire, and, perhaps, as a distraction from
persistent (and often downplayed) tabloid rumors of bad behavior that has
long dogged her time amongst the wealthy and glamorous on Venus. 

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In subject of: Diplomat von Linden's Arrival
Date         : Fri Jun 26 22:08:01 2020
Expires      : Wed Mar 22 22:08:17 2023
To           : all
Shortly after dawn, a luxury spacecraft registered to the venerable and
wealthy von Linden family of Elysium touched down at the Sector 7 spaceport. 
The occupant, Albrecht von Linden, is a noted diplomat and lawyer from Saturn
who has spent the past decade navigating the treacherous waters of politics
and legal issues.  Despite his impeccable schooling, lineage, and
credentials, there's some gossip about past disfavor within the family that
saw him in exile for a year.  Since then, he's been rather austere and
focused.  Sent to Terra to represent Elysium's interests, it is said that his
ambitions are quite focused on the political. 
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Re: IC Event Archive

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In subject of: Sokolovgrad
Date         : Fri Jul  3 18:51:40 2020
Expires      : Wed Mar 29 18:51:49 2023
To           : all
The holovid terminals are suddenly interrupted by a Collective logo
accompanied by electronic music reminiscent of droids stomping and the
clanging of old world steel mills.  Chairman Mojmir Sokolov appears in his
usual suit, standing behind his barge of a desk.  Over his head is a holovid
presentation playing,  showing at first the outside of a space station, all
resoglass and plasteel. Rotating around Jupiter, a helpful red arrow points
out Krondstadt in the distance, just a tiny speck amongst the stars. 
"Citizens, comrades, and potential alien viewers!" Exclaiming this in his
usual thick Jovian accent, a finger juts out towards the presentation.  "I
reveal to you a project near and dear to my heart.  Those who truly know me
have listened to my preaching about the need for new colonies - and acted as
if I would never do anything about it." A slow shake of his head follows,
quite sad really.  "Behold!  I give you the newest space colony around
Jupiter for my Jovian brothers and sisters - The camera drifts through a
giant resoglass dome where huge hydroponic farms are being tended to and
harvested by a legion of droids. "Built to be cutting edge, we have reduced
inefficiency and increased productivity by around...sixty five point two one
percent, according to my calculations." The view sweeps over a massive
complex of labs and factories,  all bearing the Collective logo.  Everyone is
dressed the same and appears hard at work, quite serious about it.

"A joint project between myself, the Collective and the Jovian government,
this is a colony for scientists, engineers, artists and craftspeople!  All of
the education and health care is free, cybernetics that improve efficiency? 
A fraction of the cost!  Bountiful amounts of super-nutritious vegetarian
food! Comfortable housing for all!" The camera pans in on a vast, state of
the art clinic, multiple small schools filled with stern Jovian faces
lunching on some kind of very green vegetable stew.  Pulling back, a modern
and modestly appointed apartment is shown - nothing fancy but certainly nice
enough. Suddenly, an eight armed droid off to the Chairman's side asks in a
robotic drone, "But Chairman.  Is the glory that is Sokolovgrad for
everyone?" Mojmir's glasses flash blue as a hand slaps the desk loudly. 
"Absolutely not!  As a society based on rational thought and order, there's
no room for religion or rabblerousers!  Keep your gods and criminals off of
our station, please! Also..." A huge list of tiny words with an asterist
before them zooms over the screen.  When it is finished, the Chairman stands
there with hands out, palms up in a Messianic gesture.  "Sokolovgrad - the
future of humanity, today!" The droids stomp, applaud and cheer as he takes a
bow, the holovid fading out. 

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In subject of: Northwestern News: A "Scion" Speaks Out
Date         : Sat Jul  4 17:28:05 2020
Expires      : Thu Mar 30 17:28:09 2023
To           : all
A street food cook from Sector 7, for many years an upstanding and well-liked
facet of his community, approached Northwestern News on the morning of January
6th, 2369, to expose himself as a member of the so-called "scion" race. The
cook, Abram Patel, was recently diagnosed with late onset schizophrenia, and
describes himself as unaffected by medications, counseling, or more radical
treatments aimed at tackling his symptoms. Suspecting there was something more
to what was happening to him, he convinced his psychologist to petition for
coverage of a DNA profile analysis. As shocking to his psychologist as it was
to the medical professional behind the examination, it rapidly became apparent
that Patel was "different." Further testing revealed that he was not just
different, but entirely inhuman.

Described by Patel, whispers and thoughts not necessarily his own form a
constant backdrop to his own mental processes. No matter how hard he had tried
to convince himself that his doctor and counselor were correct, he could
never believe that what he was experiencing wasn't real. Even the hardest of
psychiatric medications had failed to stop the "voices."

The discovery that he wasn't ill, rather an entirely different species, was a
revelation to Patel. He viewed it with some optimism until the time came for
him to leave the facility. Faced with significant resistance, it took a rogue
sympathetic worker to get him out of his room. By the time he had reached
the lobby his TIN had already been nullified, a "DoA" - or "dead on arrival" -
issued as the conclusion of his hospital visit. He lost access to his own
bank accounts, his food handling licenses, even his home. Patel had instantly
become nobody, possessing no more legal rights than an object. 

An open letter written by Abram Patel was provided to Northwestern News, and
we have opted to publish it:

"To everyone I know and don't:

"I no longer know exactly what I am, but I now know what I'm not. There's a lot
of fear about the "scions" out there. I've heard it, I've even participated in
some of it. I lived among you for years. As far as I know this is the only home
I've ever had. I've never left Earth. Hell, I've never left Sector 7. I had
friends, I had a girlfriend. I've babysat peoples' kids and went to neighborhood
cookouts. I've never hurt anyone. I'm still the same man I always was, only now
I'm nobody.

"There are a lot more like me out there, which I know because I can feel them.
Most of us don't know what we are. Do we all get a line crossed through our
names when we do what we're supposed to do and find out why we're sick or
different? I've got no place to go now, and no way to get another home. All the
credits I saved up throughout my life - worked damn hard for - are locked away,
tied to a "dead" man's TIN. I've lost the right to work. People turn their heads
when I walk by. I'm just waiting for the day I end up in some facility, torn
apart for "science," and we all know nobody is going to call it murder. Three
times in the last month I've come within inches of getting grabbed off the

"There's tipping points throughout history where things have to change or
explode. This is one of them. We've got the same capacity for thought, empathy,
and feelings you do. Our inner worlds are as big as yours. You've known we're
here for awhile now. Ignoring us isn't working. We're not nobody.

"This letter is a call to the people of Sol. We need your help, and we're
sentient life. I want the legal rights to work, to not be kidnapped,
imprisoned, or killed without repercussion. I want to exist without fear.

"For now I can be contacted at abram@pub.net. If you can help us, email me.

"Abram Patel, 'The Scion Guy'"

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In subject of: We All Need an Edjumacation
Date         : Tue Jul  7 09:07:33 2020
Expires      : Sun Apr  2 09:07:33 2023
To           : all
Chief Magistrate Bella Odelle, Union Steward Malakai Roper, and Collective
Member Sera Sokolova have been sharing ideas and came out with one that they
are moving forward with that should be helpful for all of those within the

"We put our heads together, and there were little whispers of it some months
back, but we're finally ready to get this thing built," the reporters quote
from Bella Odelle.  "We need all of your support, and we need you to help us
influence others to help.  This School of Arts isn't just for the
Corporations, it is open for the public, as well."

According to news reports, intended classes to start include gardening,
cooking, fashion, bartending, art, and other subjects where students will get
to learn how to make this Sol more beautiful through their own creations.

Miss Odelle requests that if there are any that have not already spoken to
Mister Roper that wish to teach, they should do so soon.  As well as speaking
to Miss Sokolova with help in the design.

She said that if you wish to help influence the project, and are not certain
how, she will be glad to speak with anyone and assist them in understanding
the system.

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In subject of: Drinking Bonanza
Date         : Thu Jun 25 22:22:21 2020
Expires      : Tue Mar 21 22:22:34 2023
To           : all
Do you suffer from a forgotten or overshadowed holiday birthday?  Did you
grow up on a space station or in a dome?  Do you enjoy wearing traditional
clothes or getting dressed up for any old reason?  Do you like to eat free
food and drink free booze?

Rumors are circulating about an event to be held at Giovanni's in mid to late
January.  Described variably as a multiple December-January birthday party,
mini cultural festival, and night-long drinking bonanza, the only thing
certain is that the entire restaurant was booked for the occasion. 
Apparently, would-be party-goers are being encouraged to dress in their home
town's traditional garb or to bring a trinket or story from home to share,
but the only thing actually required is a good attitude.

(This event will be held on Tuesday, July 7th at about 8PM server.) 
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Re: IC Event Archive

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In subject of: A Hacked Broadcast
Date         : Mon Aug  3 22:25:07 2020
Expires      : Sat Apr 29 22:25:07 2023
To           : all
A holovid transmits, "################# SIGNAL HIJACK IN-PROGRESS################

A stream of text messages between Chairman Mojmir Sokolov and MarcellaDrummond
-Bridger scrolls across the holovid slowly.

[SMS] Text message (from Marci) I ...  Alright.  Should I come drunk?
[SMS] Text message (to Marci) There's something important I want to bring up
with you when we talk.  Besides certain medicines.
[SMS] Text message (to Marci) Alright.  Let me know when you're free.
[SMS] Text message (from Marci) Likely, yes.
[SMS] Text message (to Marci) Are you available today?
[SMS] Text message (to Marci) Point taken.  We should have that chat today,


[SMS] Text message (from Marci) I can make the pills, yes,  whether I'll take
well ...  That's a not over texts sort of chat. ;) 
[SMS] Text message (to Marci) So...does that mean you'll make them? ;) 
[SMS] Text message (to Marci) Well...I wouldn't call it destruction...I would
call it the mother of the supreme being. ;) 
[SMS] Text message (from Marci) You mean do I want to be an agent of my own
destruction? ;) 
[SMS] Text message (to Marci) Care to make up a bunch?  I'll pay you for them. 
Novarel too if you know how.
[SMS] Text message (from Marci) I ...  Yes ...  
[SMS] Text message (to Marci) Do you know how to make those fertility pills?

A holovid transmits, "With the text messages moving to the top of the
holovid, a small cartoon ghost begins to materialize on the screen,

[ Press (c)ontinue, (r)efresh, (b)ack, (q)uit or hit (h)elp ] (78% complete)

"Well, aside from Chairman Sokolov and Marcella Drummond-Bridger having
some private fun, one has to ask themselves if this 'Supreme Being' means
something else.  Is Chairman Sokolov a Scion, or is his ego really just that
massive?  Is that why he needs fertility pills to produce what he considers
something better than human?  Maybe he lacks the stones, could explain why he
only travels with a small army at all times."

The ghost begins to fade from the holovid, leaving behind a singular message
in it's place.

################ SIGNAL HIJACK OVER #################"

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In subject of: CelebriCrime Celebrity News, "A New Don?"
Date         : Thu Aug  6 19:58:35 2020
Expires      : Tue May  2 19:58:36 2023
To           : all
A bland, excessively "tan" woman with candy pink hair appears on the screen
as the CelebriCrime tabloid logo spins below her chin.  The logo fades to
allow her to start reporting, which she does in a high-pitched, too-energetic
voice: "With the POSSIBLE demise of the Saturni Geneva Barrick, who WE
thought for some time might be somebody high up in the Five Families,
CelebriCrime reporter Tiffy Dex is on the scene at Elysium to give her HER
perspective on the maybe-crime-scene.  Tiffy?"

The shot swings to an almost identical woman with the same complexion and
hair color - even the same hair style - standing with a deliberately
bedazzled mic receiver that has been covered from top to bottom in
holo-glitter, "Thanks Candi!  This is the supposed home of Miss Barrick, er,
or maybe the other one?" She looks off camera, squints, then dramatically
shrugs, "It doesn't really matter.  ANYWAY!  This is where the explosions
that rocked Elysium station were detonated, and where some blood belonging to
Barrick and Rhee were found.  No bodies, of course." She taps the side of her
nose.  "The Families are much too clever for that!  -I- think it was a
gangland assassination and that Barrick is almost surely deceased." In the
backdrop of the audio, 'Candi' gasps.  Tiffy continues: "I know!  It's
completely cray!  Let me explain!" The camera pans along the exterior of a
blackened, damaged penthouse apartment with its interior basically hollowed
out by the detonations.  "My sources say Barrick, if she WAS the Big Name in
the Families, chose a successor not long before she was taken out.  Almost
like one thing immediately followed the other, you knooow?  And on TOP of
that, my sources also say that there has been huge opposition to this heir
taking over, like they think maybe they had something to do with it too!  We
don't know if the opposition has died down or anybody really HAS taken over
yet, but that's what my sources are saying.  They say there's a new person in
charge, even if they had to off like, a whole bunch of people who weren't
going to take them as a leader."

The view flicks to Candi, who tips her head, "Are you saying what I think
you're saying?" Tiffy's smaller image in the corner of the screen bobs its
head eagerly.  The identical pair grin at one another before chiming
together: "There's a new Don!" 

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In subject of: Celebrating Holi 2369
Date         : Fri Aug  7 00:07:04 2020
Expires      : Wed May  3 00:07:11 2023
To           : all
The Saffron Dragon Theatre Proudly Presents:

Reefer Madness (1936)

Looking to celebrate Holi 2369 in style this year, a copy of the absolutely
ancient and ironically hilarious government propoganda film Reefer Madness (1936) 
has been dug up with a free invite to the general public of Sector 7 to attend. 
Bring Your Own Blunt or pick one up on site.

Open invite ST to be run on Friday 8/7.

Two showings: 1 PM Server and Matinee after the OOC meeting.

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In subject of: In Remembrance of our Friends
Date         : Fri Aug  7 10:22:51 2020
Expires      : Wed May  3 10:22:51 2023
To           : all
You are cordially invited to attend the Remembrance Ceremony of Geneva
Barrick and Joon Rhee.  The event will be held in the Muir woods and it is a
time to say goodbye and remember the dear friends we have lost.  Anyone is
invited as long as they remain respectful.  No weapons of any sort are
allowed and any disruptive guest will be removed from the premises.

Food and drink will be available.

OOC: This will be held August 9 at 8pm Server Time.  

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In subject of: Body of Jovian Chairman Found on Mars
Date         : Sun Aug 16 13:28:31 2020
Expires      : Fri May 12 13:28:51 2023
To           : all
The body of well-known Jovian Chairman of the Corporate Collective, Mojmir
Sokolov, was discovered outside the 'Bitter End' saloon on Mars in the early
hours of June 24, 2369, by local 'worm hunters' on a routine route to the
hunting grounds. The area has been taped off to preserve the crime scene
and the Ascendancy alerted by local authorities. As investigation is still
forthcoming, no further details have been released.
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