Afterworld will be a roleplay-focused MUD (an RPI-lite, due to optional OOC channels) set in a low sci-fi world on a remote desert planet.

Mobiles are a threat to be avoided while scavenging for survival. There are no quests to spam and no skills to grind. The sole purpose and function of Afterworld is to roleplay, and to explore storytelling through the eyes of your characters. Character generation is wholly in-game, walking new players through the process of creating a living, breathing identity in on the planet Aries.

Helpfiles are provided for easy education on theme, rules, and mechanics. Alternatively, a community wiki will be maintained as a browser-based MUD encyclopedia.

Be advised that the MUD is still in the earliest Alpha stages. Construction is underway, and our progress is being documented via Twitter — keep up to date with the state of the ApocMU* code in the sidebar!